Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells Reviewed - Are They Worth It?


Bowflex Selecttech - When I first noticed the advertisements for Bowflex 552 SelectTech dumbbells I believed that they would function as the slam dunk selection for any exercise buff having a little discretionary income. For me, I thought: I don't have loads of space to perform with in my position and I really like the progressive way these dumb-bells are put together.

Bowflex Selecttech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell - As I started my research, yet, I saw a number of comments in regards to the tough-plastic locks being broken and I thought that what sounded like a design flaw would have been a deal-breaker for me. After all I did not like the chance of a plate dropping loose out of the blue - that could hurt!

After researching more profoundly however, it appeared that despite the reviews of a few locks breaking, Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells still had a massive base of raving fanatics. (I saw among the devotees suggest that Bowflex/Nautilus should have made the entire thing out of steel to avoid issues with all the locks, but it's probably a move like that would have produced the dumb-bells more expensive.)

 Let me tell you more about the key pros as well as cons that I considered other as opposed to lock issue.

The Pros

A huge benefit of using all these dumbbells is the ability to change the weights within minutes. Set the dumbbell down (better on its stand) and it is possible to adjust the weight in 2.5 lb increments really quickly simply by turning a knob on the face of the dumbbell to the amount you wish to lift.

Yes, it is as simple as 1. dial the new weight, 2. lift and 3. the right weights are mechanically picked and added to the dumbbell.

Meaning that there is no more any need to own many pairs of weights to accomplish your work-outs.

 You have the equivalent of a huge weight place in a considerably smaller bundle.

Let's speak about aesthetics. Truthfully these dumbbells only look really trendy. They seem like space age innovations - the glossy enjoyment design only reeks of modern electronic gadgetry. This will undoubtedly ratchet your coolness factor up a notch - even if it's merely in your head and nobody else sees your cool dumbbells.

Next, the hand grips feel tough and very comfortable in your fingers even without gloves. They are made of rubber, maybe not the textured alloy so blisters and callouses shouldn't be an issue.

The Disadvantages

Naturally the biggest detractor is the price, but then I rationalized - itisn't too bad if you evaluate getting several different dumbbells instead. It Is worthwhile in the room you conserve, the portability of the dumb-bells and also the time you save instead of setting a dozen dumb-bells neatly away.

Another thing is the fact that exactly due to the design, the dumb-bells are consistently bulky even if you are lifting light-weights. Essentially the spaces for the heavier weights remain on the pole, even when-you're not using them. Not an enormous deal, but some thing to get accustomed to as the span might get in the way for many exercises.

All in all though, these dumbbells seem like a great option for the large part. My wishlist? I expect that Nautilus/Bowflex finds a way to make the form-factor of the dumbbell even smaller sized (slimmer, more compact plates?) - now that will create an excellent product even more appealing.